Metal-Based Antibacterial Spray 【BLUESHIELD】

Protect Your Tomorrow

Designed To Protect Your Tomorrow

BLUE SHIELD is a cutting-edge antibacterial spray designed to protect you and your family from viruses and bacteria.

4 Features of BLUE SHIELD


99.5% made out of water

Kills 99% of Viruses

Removes viruses & bacteria within 30sec

Deodorant Effect

Removes unpleasant odors

Long-Lasting Effect

Lasts long hours with just one spray


As Safe As Water

There are several types of antibacterial agents on the market. For example, alcohol-based antibacterial agents are widely used and have been said to effectively sterilize objects, but they are not safe to use near the source of fire because they are flammable.

In addition to alcohol-based agent, chlorine-based disinfectants are known for its extremely high disinfecting capability. However, they omit toxic gas when they are volatilized which can cause harmful effects on the human body. They also have a distinct and unpleasant odor and have a strict expiration date.

The composition of metal-based antibacterial agent BLUE SHIELD is made up of 99.5% of water and the rest of the ingredients are iron, zinc, and copper that are completely natural safe not only to humans and animals but also to the environment. We didn’t add any ethanol, fragrances, alcohol or surfactants. It offers a great ability to kill viruses and bacteria with safety.

It's That Safe.

Baby goods

Pet goods

Kills 99% of Viruses & Bacteria

Power of Metal Ions

Metal such as copper, zinc, and iron have long been said to have powerful antibacterial capability. A small amount of metal ions dissolved in water has the powerful sterilization ability and quickly destroys almost all viruses and bacteria. [Blue Shield] utilizes this phenomenal power of metal ions and kills 99% of viruses in just 30 seconds. It is also effective against viruses that are floating in the air, so it is very effective in preventing infectious diseases such as seasonal viruses and influenza that cannot be dealt with by alcohol-based disinfectants.

Pig Coronavirus



Influenza A Virus



E Coli






Staphylococcus Aureus



Pseudomonas aeruginosa



Verification Test By FESRI

Kills 99% of Pig Coronavirus in Just 30 Secs

When the number of infections was measured by contacting [Blue Shield], a decrease of 99.9% was observed after 30 seconds, and a remarkable virus inactivating effect was obtained. Since the new coronavirus that is currently rampant around the globe comes from the same family of Coronavirus , the product effect can be evaluated as a closely related variant, and we can expect that it is highly effective in killing the new coronavirus disease. * Its efficacy against Covid-19 is currently being tested and the test result will be released in the near future.

*Testing facility: Food Environment Sanitation Research Institute Co., Ltd. Test number: 207152N, Test date: 2020/5/28~2020/8/20, Test virus: PEDV

Effective Against Influenza A Virus

Influenza A virus was contacted with [Blue Shield] and the number of infections was measured over time, and test results showed that most of the virus died after 2 hours.

*No. 19045863, Inspection Agency: Microbiology Research Division, Saito Laboratory, Japan Food Research Laboratories

Antibacterial Effect

24 hours after the of contact of BLUE SHIELD none of the bacteria (of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and MRSA.) were detected in the antibacterial effect tests.

(※All Undetected (< 10) 1 Day After Spraying


*Antibacterial Test: Inspection Unit, Kyoto Micro bio-Laboratory, Sample: Composite metal based deodorant antibacterial agent.

It's That Safe.


Living room


Deodorant Effect

Deodorant Effect

BLUE SHIELD deodorizes bad odors by decomposing and deteriorating them at the molecular level. Bacteria that cause bad odors have both positive and negative charges, those with a positive charge "repel", and those with a negative charge "adsorb" and decompose thus suppressing the activity at the molecular level. As a result, unpleasant odors are eliminated. Blue Shield has a powerful deodorizing effect because it contains zinc which has a high deodorizing capability and also copper which is effective against mold and germs. In addition, Blue Shield is fragrance-free so even if inhaled it is safe for the human body.

Verification Test

In the test results of the three major unpleasant odors: malodorous substances, ammonia, trimetic armin, hydrogen sulfide and isovaleric acid, none of them were detected.



*Deodorant effect testing and inspection, Japan Food Research Laboratories No. 17024858 Sample: Composite metal based deodorant antibacterial agent.

Effective Against The 4 Major Odors

It also eliminates the unpleasant odor in the kitchen.

Ex. smell of rotten fish


Ex. smell of rotten egg

Hydrogen sulfide

Ex. rotten smell of meat


Ex. smell of cheese

Isovaleric acid

Effective Against Odorous Bacteria

The smell of sweat and odor of shoes are never a pleasant smell and stuff like shoes and jacket are difficult to wash. In such a case if you spray BLUE SHIELD on your shoes and shirts you can remove the odor caused by bacteria.

Coat & Jacket


Cap & Hat

Sheets & Blanket

Long-Lasting Effect

Forms a Metal Coating

BLUE SHIELD has the ability to stick to target surfaces. Since the antibacterial substance is a cation, the antibacterial agent adheres to the negatively charged surface and forms a coating. Since Antibacterial substances are inorganic and do not volatilize or decompose the antibacterial effect can last for a long time.

Comparison of Inorganic and Organic

Property Comparison

How To Use

All in One Antibacterial Spray

From families with kids to families with pets, there really is no limit to how BLUE SHIELD can be used. It can be used in all situations, including beds, sofa, carpet, tableware, baby goods, pet goods, and bathroom deodorants.


Door knob

Sofa, bed

Kitchen items

Hands, fingers


Living room



Pets items


Metal-based Antibacterial Spray

Kills 99% of Viruses & Bacteria

Removes Bad Odors

Forms a Coating Effect

As safe as water